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Monkey Business

Monkey tells atheist,
Your lack of faith is sound
But I am scared of priest
So stop monkeying around

But now that you are here
free time - that must be ample
I know you do not care
Still go visit the temple
posted: 4.8.05


Dropped by..

By Blogger nomadic_waves, at 9.8.05  

Was it a Rama temple, by any chance? It might be that Lord Hanuman is showing the way to devotees :)


By Blogger Dr U B Pavanaja, at 11.8.05  


By Blogger Geetanjali, at 14.8.05  

Update Please!
- Inky

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15.8.05  

Thanks for dropping by Nomadic_waves..

No Idea Dr. Pavanaja.. I never took the moneky's cue :-). I should check the next time I am at Nandi Hills (where this picture was taken).


By Blogger Deepak, at 22.8.05  

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