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When it rains, click
Here are some of the pictures that I clicked while spending a restless, rainy (though lazy) day at home this Sunday. Hope I don't bring my camera a bad name!



posted: 12.7.05


The third one looks like a series of pictures for an animation! Particularly liked the reflection of the drops on the top. Nice, but would you mind posting the coloured version of the same?

Wish you'd taken the clouds without those power lines in between..

Don't worry, wouldn't judge your camera too soon! :)

By Blogger R, at 12.7.05  

the last picture is fantastic...

By Blogger thotpurge, at 13.7.05  

Hi Deepak,

This is the time for you to start a vlog. I guess, your new camera has a movie facility using which you can record small length mvoies.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13.7.05  

You started inspiring rain now..:-)

By Anonymous Sudhakar, at 13.7.05  

Thanks Aditi.

Unfortunately, I was shooting these droplets by putting the camera in b/w mode so no colored versions :-(.

Actually the power lines are there for a purpose. They look like they are trying to weave the same pattern in the sky as is seen in the grille of the window-pane.


Thanks Thotpurge!

Hello Dr. Pavanaja,

Unfortunately this one doesn't support videos (at least I haven't been able to find a video mode). My minolta used to do videos and I even posted a couple of them but looks like now I'll need to focus on stills...


:) Thanks Sudhakar but it will always be the other way round!

By Blogger Deepak, at 14.7.05  

Lovely pictures. Our land is dry dry dry. They make me feel thirsty

By Blogger granny p, at 14.7.05  

now that you have experiences with both fixed lens and DSLR, would you say that your minolta[or a higher end fixed lens] couldn't have given you these photos ?

i am interested because i am yet to understand the things that fixed lens 'can't do' which dslr 'can do' vs. fixed lens 'can do' which dslr 'can do a lot better'. I mean, just speaking of the three interesting pictures, couldn't you have clicked those with yout minolta or another high-end fixed lens camera ?

i would like to possess a dslr also someday, but i feel i must hit the limits of fixed lens first. thats what, basically, i am not sure of.


Great pics.

By Blogger Richard Hsu, at 14.7.05  

Hey Richard,

Composition-wise yes - may be. (though in 2nd and 3rd pictures the area covered might have been a little less). But looking at the entire picture in its entire 8 Megapixel glory, I can tell the clarity/sharpness (especially at regions farther from center of the picture) would be hard to expect from my Minolta.

Also, low light photography without flash (let's say indoor lightening conditions at office), is almost impossible without high exposure times (you'll need tripod) and noise. With my camera.. I can throw a good fast lens with big aperture (lets say my current 50 mm f1.8) and manage without flash (at say ISO 400 which gives very little noise) under indentical light conditions.

A high end fixed-lens camera might allow you this to some extent, but I haven't come across any with f/1.8! (That again is understandable - given the size constrains, you can open a lens (increase it's aperture) by only as much).

The other thing a wide range of aperturs allows you to do is to control the depth of field. With bigger apertures you get less depth - e.g. the picture here was shot with a 50mm lens at f/2.0 (a rather big aperture), giving me depth of field barely enough to cover the entire depth of facial features - notice how fuzzy ('bokeh' in photography speak ;-))the background is (come to think of it, even the ears are looking blurred!)

Ok I cannot shoot videos on my DSLR - but that's understandable given how a DSLR works.

I don't seem to be able to get good extreme close-ups (quas-macro?) with either of the two lenses I own. The closest my 18-55 mm zoom lens allows me to come to my subject is 0.9 ft!. Most fixed lens digitals allow you 5 cm these days! Yes, this situation can be remedied by a macro lens but it will leave me lighter by some 200$ :-)

That said, I am still a newbee and have barely started to discover what I can and cannot do.

In last two years the technology has improved and you'll find fixed lens cameras (even mid-end ones) are coming closer to DSLRs each day - at least quality-wise if not control-wise :)


By Blogger Deepak, at 15.7.05  


By Blogger Richard Hsu, at 16.7.05  

thanks deepak. enjoy all your efforts no matter how small or how large.

By Blogger zeldamax yoshi, at 18.7.05  

Deepak, you can pick up a cheap set of macro rings from this shop on MG Road (towards the Anil Kumble Circle end, not sure what the actual name of the shop is - the Canon name is there on their display.) Works okay for subjects on, say, a desktop.

By Blogger sajith, at 19.7.05  

Hi Granny - we are having too much of a good thing here for past few days. I'd love to see the sun shine brightly for a change!

By Blogger Deepak, at 19.7.05  

Thanks Zeldamax!

Thanks Sajith, I think you mean GG (or is it JJ?) Welling. Shall keep an eye out!

By Blogger Deepak, at 19.7.05  

Hey Deepak,

The last picture looks like you have captured the various growth stages of the moon from a distant satellite..:)

By Anonymous Chitra, at 20.7.05  

Hello Mr.Deepak,
I was simply taken aback at the pictures... I think you need not write anything at all in your blog. The pictures themselves depict everything thats necessary... Ah its awesome!

By Blogger Lakshmi, at 31.7.05  

A new camera can make a difference in the quality of photos.. but this one's made a difference in the styling and composition as well... amazing photographs

By Blogger Rahul Kumar, at 2.1.06  

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