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What keeps me up
Not fear of missing the morning flight,
nor work that keeps me busy as a bee.
When sleep assaults I put up a fight -
with a cup of chai or surfeit of coffee

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Art of Fugue
Bach has fascinated many – from performers to composers alike. His last work, left unfinished at his death; The Art of Fugue, has remained an enigma to date. It led to a Bach revival of sorts in the romantic era starting with Beethoven, who often introduced elaborate fugal themes into his late piano works. His Op. 133 Grand Fugue, originally intended as final movement for his Op. 130 String Quartet but later published separately for sake of overall ‘balance’ of the quartet (Grand Fugue was disproportionately longer and contained material much heavier than movements preceding it), remains one of the most elaborate tribute to the master.

I often find myself turning to Bach these days - at times for most unflattering reason of cutting myself off from the worldly noises, but usually for sheer delight of his works. I recently stumbled upon an unusual recording of the Art of Fugue by Glenn Gould. It is unusual not only because of Gould’s choice of instrument – A Church Organ, but also because of his ‘half-staccato’ playing. I won’t rate it as a fine rendition; on the contrary it might in fact offend sensibilities of a Bach puritan (so would Murray Periah replacing harpsichord with piano in his recording of Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 - yes even I have a problem with that! What next? Paganini on electric guitar anyone?). Still it is to be heard con brio – as one man’s highly personal and passionate treatment of the work.
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Waiting for rains
Just a week ago, rains were hitting Bangalore with a predictable routine of rains in a tropical rain forest. They are on a short recess these days. I entreat them to be back with us soon.


p.s. I had taken this picture right before one here, but have retouched it (tinkered with hue and saturation, added text) before posting.
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My caffeine habits
I am ‘ambidextrous’ as far as my choice of beverage is concerned. The quotes around ambidextrous are meant to indicate that the word is not to be interpreted too literally here – so no – you might not conjure an image of me holding a cup of tea in my left hand, sipping coffee from a cup in right. There are odd days – even weeks – when my intake of tea far surpasses coffee, but sooner than later, coffee makes a convincing comeback; usually as the sinful concoction that involves chocolate in good measures – as mocha.

Here are the pictures of my (rather messy) cup of mocha. The second version was result of some calculated fooling around in Paint Shop Pro.

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A blank word document,
is goading me to write –
for it has been a while,
since I made a blog post

A blank word document,
is a good source of light.
So I stare and smile,
as it becomes my lamppost

p.s. Inspired by File > New. Thanks M for the original!
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