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An ode to my camera
As I move to my next camera (finally a Canon 350D!), here is as an ode to my older Minolta. I already miss carrying it wherever I go.

A young man - of twenty four
Walked into a camera store
(Two years ago, in downtown LA)
Six months’ savings, ready to pay

“A digital camera is what I need”
“Sure! digital, uh.., indeed!”
“Yes, we’ve plenty come have a look”
“Is that Minolta? there, that nook”

A fresh piece was thus pulled out
(I almost uttered a joyous shout)
Ah, this is small! Fits in my pocket!
with charger that fits an Indian socket!

“See sir! it is hardly thick!”
“That is well, but let me click”
Features were then enumerated
Shopkeeper shortly remunerated

Since then, wherever I’ve been
Through this eye world I’ve seen
Yes, (like me) it now grows old
Still it’s worth its weight in gold!


This is one of the earliest pics I took with my first camera (cropped significantly). Yes it's very hazy - LA those days was riddled with forest fires.
posted: 10.7.05


Congratulations on the new buy! Will look forward to..eh..more refined? professional? creative? photos on the blog and otherwise :-)

And we know what is going to happen to the older camera, don't we ;-) ? It will be in very safe hands in LA where you took that snap...destined to be back to where it belonged, perhaps?!!

So cheer up, show us what Canon 350 D is all about.....


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10.7.05  

click away to glory boy!! that ode was fantabulous!i am an addict to ur blog! i check almost daily for a new entry!i am ur alter ego ;) atleast by name...the name's deepakg!ironically i am also from blore and right now in sweden doing masters in system-on-chip design! i have read and reread some of ur blogs!good TP!btw congrats on ur new camera!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10.7.05  

So, where are the pictures from new camera? (Me thinking about buying 20D)

By Blogger Squared, at 10.7.05  

A camera that has an ode written for it and gets to go back home? How wonderful!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10.7.05  


Waiting, Deepak.

By Blogger sajith, at 10.7.05  

ahem, so you've indeed laid your hands on a digital SLR without selling your kidneys!

cool :)

Waiting to see the results..

By Blogger R, at 11.7.05  

Congrats on the new camera!!! Your point n shoot exercises with the Minolta were pretty impressive to say the least and it was about time you graduated to an SLR. Now we wait excitedly to see your results with the 350D. BTW what lense(s) did you get?

By Anonymous Avis, at 11.7.05  

Well sis, don't expect my pics to look better overnight. I have lots to learn :-)

The camera longs to be back with its rightful owner!

Hi Deepak, welcome to the blog and thanks for dropping by. Deepak being such a common name, I've always had another Deepak in my class (both in School and College). But this is the first time I've run into a Deepak G :-)

Hi Squared, the pictures will start pouring in soon. I need to get hang of it first. (It is still early days (today is day 3) and I am clicking a lot of trash [not to be taken too literally]). I suggest you seriously consider 350 D. Not only is it a good 500 $ cheaper, most reviews claim that picture quality-wise it comes very close to 20D. Like one here. Of course there are things that might be absolutely essential for you. Sensitivity of ISO 3200 for instance. Yes, the noise is dreadful but ISO 3200 might be the only way out in flash-less super-low-light conditions. With 20D you also get shutter speeds upto 1/8000 (Mine tops off at 1/4000). I suggest you read up a bit on dpreview.com and make up your mind.

Happy Endings Anonymous, Happy Endings :)

Hey Sajith pics coming soon..very soon!

Hi Aditi, well I somehow managed without mortgaging/selling redundant body parts :). To tell you the truth I've been saving hard to buy a piano for over a year, but decided to spend on a camera instead. I am traveling a lot and cannot carry my piano wherever I go. This way I actually get to spend time with what I spend money on :-).

Soon.. Soon!

Thanks Avis!

The kit lens is a cheap 100$ 18mm-55mm (1:3.5-5.6). Ok in performance, but good considering the price. I also picked up a basic 50mm 1:1.8 lens. Am finding it excellent for portraits (one hardly sees such a fast lens at under 80$!)

Just realized that I've invested in a white elephant.. err.. cyclops :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 11.7.05  

Hi Deepak,

You have learnt a lot about photography, the ISO ratings, etc. When I met you three years ago, remember, I was explaining about SLR cameras and you wanted me to show you a SLR camera. I showed you my Canon AE1 Program. Now I have to weep. My best friend Canon AE1 Program's lens is gone bad. That camera is 20 year old model. No lens available anywhere. I am still of the firm belief that film cameras are the best. It might take some more time for the digital cameras to reach the perfection of film cameras. hmaanm, today I bought a somewhat lower end digital camera -Canon Pwershot A95. I will let you know the performance later. I also want to tell you one more thing. There is no use in seeing the result on a PC monitor (from web-site). The real test of the performance will be known when you print it on a photographic paper. PC monitors have very poor resolution compared to the paper.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11.7.05  

Hey congrats deepak :-) I am planning to kick out my Cybershot very soon, so will take inputs from you on 350D...

By Blogger సుధాకర్(శోధన), at 11.7.05  

hope to see some pics soon....

have a nice day...


By Blogger KJ, at 12.7.05  

That was a funny poem. Almost sounded like yoda was writing it :)

Poetry, Photography, Piano ==> See the pattern, deePak?

By Blogger Pooja, at 14.7.05  

You can just about make out that HOLLYWOOD sign.

Congrats on your camera. Treat him/her well.

By Blogger Manjusha, at 18.7.05  

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