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Who is Kaushal Karkhanis
Kaushal is a friend and colleague who kindly consented to being my model last weekend. He demonstrated remarkable willigness to stay still while I experimented with various exposure settings. Thank you sire! A little stiller, and I shall hire you as my tripod :-)



And oh, the Moth - thanks to you too sir/madam.

This is my first ever attempt at portraiture and I can already imagine that Yoda doll softly whispering to me - "much to learn you have my young paduan!"
posted: 26.7.05


The moth photo is a WOW!

By Blogger ash, at 26.7.05  

Those photos are lovely. And you chose a good model. Really quite beautiful without being blandly pretty

By Anonymous gert, at 26.7.05  

/me jealous of that 50mm prime lens.

By Blogger sajith, at 26.7.05  

:-)I must say this - your photographs of nature and/or abstract subjects are infinitely more 'inspired' - just take for example the second photo with Mon Karkhanis - it's defnitely far better than the first, which aint bad, just terribly prosaic, if I may say so...
Ok enough said from someone who knows nought about photography :-)

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 26.7.05  

Thanks Ash!

Thanks gert!

Hey Sajith, incidentally this was the cheapest lens available! Great for a learner (there are issues as I am finding out - it has only 5 "blades" and they create "pentagon" shaped bokeh which look very unnatural. One gets what one pays for :-) and I am pretty happy with it - for now ;-)).

Hi Geetanjali! Totally agree with you. The first one was mostly tomfoolery with my new toy :-).

By Blogger Deepak, at 28.7.05  

Bangalore Bloggers' Meet. Details here.

By Blogger Mandar, at 29.7.05  

hey... thanks for just being. nice to have run into your blogg. i share it with others

By Blogger zeldamax yoshi, at 29.7.05  

hi, i just found you randomly and have been looking through your stuff. i really like your writing and photos. they have a kind of silence/calmth about them....
- emmi (emmiilona@hotmail.com)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10.8.05  

Really liked the photo with the monkey on the signpost. :) The portraits are nice too.

A little less shallow DoF could work better for you and give you more sharpness on the subject in focus.

Keep shooting and posting. :)

By Anonymous Avis, at 11.8.05  

Nice pics. The models are pretty appealing too! ;)

By Blogger Manjusha, at 20.8.05  

Hi Avis, the low field of depth was intentional - I wanted the moth to be in focus and Kaushal to be a soft blur. The moth here might look a little botched (due to agressive jpeg compression which flickr resorts to) but in the full resoultion avatar it is sharp in foucs.

Hi Manjusha, your compliments have been forwarded to one of the models. (I lost touch with the other the moment we left the place :-))

By Blogger Deepak, at 22.8.05  

Thanks David!

Thanks Emmi!

By Blogger Deepak, at 22.8.05  

Good work..second one is really a master piece..keep it work..

By Anonymous MaheshKumar.R, at 3.10.05  

Cool work Deepak, the larger images are indeed wonderful to see. Envy it!

By Blogger Venkatarangan TNC, at 7.10.05  


yes, the word says it all...

Showed it my friends at work and they too got impressed..

By Blogger sonypsp, at 7.10.05  

Thank you all!

By Blogger Deepak, at 9.10.05  

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