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Movie Magic
One of the memories that I carried from my trip to Vijayawada in March is of a dilapidated two storey house whose walls were plastered with countless movie posters. What surprised me most was that not only local Telugu movies got place of pride in this colorful mosaic but also Bollywood and Hollywood fare! Most posters; besides the movie name, bear a prominent number which indicates the days since when the movie has been running in town.


This mosaic (with a little nudging from Jani) prompted me to watch two Telugu movies a little later that very month. If the ones I saw were an indication of the movie industry in Andhra, then not only are the folks at Bollywood grossly overrated, they are also downright boring! No, I cannot be told to explain myself unless you have watched at least two recent Telugu blockbusters (and then chances are that I won’t have to!).
posted: 4.7.05


Spare me the movies without subtitles!

And can't help noticing your eclectic diet of books!

- Inky

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4.7.05  

the davinci code has a mystery shrouding around it......i made even a slight amount of research on the author dan brown for my intellectual property rights course and wrote a few words too and made a presentation also on the book!:o ;):))!!!nice to read ur penning again.....
even i am deepakg from blore!!! but right now doing masters in system on chip design course in sweden.......u came back after a long time me thinks....
nice to read a splendid piece on mumbai monsoons!! rock on boy!!

By Anonymous Deepak G, at 4.7.05  

Cinema Paradiso!

(Oh my, another Deepak G. Who is who? :-O)

By Blogger sajith, at 5.7.05  

This i got to agree with. Bollywood has certainly become the benchmark for pathetic movies, and has somehow managed to find its ways into out vocab as in--Boy!! that movie is as bad as any hindi flick.
South always rockz ;-)

By Blogger kozz, at 6.7.05  

It hardly matters Inky (as I found out). But then I had Jani with me who was prompt in patiently explaining to me things I missed (the humorous moments in particular!). But then you are talking to someone who would score 0.05/10 in his movie buff exams.

Thanks for visiting Deepak! Well Da Vinci code was interesting, but won't go down as one of my favorite works. I'd rather spend that evening reading a trivia book :)

Well Sajith, hope you can tell now :)

By Blogger Deepak, at 11.7.05  

Hey Kozz, South Rocks! Period. (Ok so that was an Exclamation Sign).

By Blogger Deepak, at 11.7.05  

Telugu movies you've been a-watching eh? Now my roots are naturally asking the curious question - which ones? :)

By Blogger Megha, at 15.7.05  


Aa Nalaguru and 7/G Brindavan Colony.

By Blogger Deepak, at 15.7.05  

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