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The morning after...
...a rainy night.

posted: 14.7.05


Wow! This looks real good!

By Blogger Vivek, at 15.7.05  


By Blogger Neodawn, at 15.7.05  

Totally wow! I also lovvvvved the third picture in the previous set! Not that I didn't love the other two. But the third - my absolute favorite!

Have been coming by to look at your raindrops pictures but hadn't commented so far. Wonderful work, Deepak!

By Blogger Megha, at 15.7.05  

Beautiful picture!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16.7.05  

Cool. But, what is that metal object?

By Blogger ash, at 17.7.05  

Thanks Vivek, Arun, Megha and Inky!

Hey Ash - the "metal object" is my balcony's handrail :)

By Blogger Deepak, at 17.7.05  


You might want to add a dash of oil and use some additional light and check the effect. Use color in this case :)

Read more about Wet Night Photography.


By Anonymous Muthu Online, at 17.7.05  

:-) Will try it sometimes Muthu.. but I love to leave my subjects al naturale!

By Blogger Deepak, at 19.7.05  

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