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Ad-lib (Act II)

I have a knack of running into bad advertisements with ridiculous copy (or rather bad advertisements with ridiculous copy tend to run into me). My encounters with such adverts especially ones bustling with a potent combination of puerility and adolescent creativity (or lack of it) usually leave me in this utter confused state which is a queer mixture of plain disgust and sheer displeasure. Here is what I came across during flight from Bangalore to Chennai: (the ad here is trying to sell us Hi-Design leather laptop bags).

Tell him you don�t care
If he�s a man or mouse

Hi Design laptop bags
Eminently Giftable
Ranging from the purely platonic to wildly passionate
If it clicks, he�s your man
If it double clicks, it�s a mouse

Gulp! Sigh! What if it just right clicks, or better still, scrolls? A track-ball? Is this humor? How very subtle! Enough dressing down, I�ll leave it at that.

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The busy bustling routine of last few days hasn�t afforded me those few private moments that I could put to use for blogging. I am certain that it would stay the same for next few days. So here is one of those entries which is merely a symbolic gesture to proclaim that this blog continues to breathe� While I am at it, I could also publish here one of the ray-traces I achieved this Saturday:

Bordeaux beckons...

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Lessons learnt from a cup of coffee

Small, mundane things like having a coffee at your favorite Barista can sometime provide profound lessons. I am not sure on this particular day what had aroused my sensibilities - I was either extremely low or unusually happy, what I do know is that perhaps I wasn�t my usual self. The hot cappuccino arrived on my table, I tore open the sachet of sugar and turned it upside down with the practiced routine of a military parade. Facilitated by gravity, the fine white grains of sugar flowed into my cup of coffee. The grains of sugar tend to form a mound and float on the brown frothy surface of cappuccino. That they are floating is a short-lived illusion. Very soon the coffee moistens, and thus oozes into the base of the heap, staining the chaste sugar crystals, coffee. Within no time the entire mound resembles a dark sticky, syrupy mass, which sinks to the bottom of my cup. The few ephemeral bubbles being the only evidence of the entire (dramatic?) episode. Isn�t life like a cup of coffee, aren�t we the sugar crystals � becoming cynical, tainted with each passing day � drowning to the bottom without a trace�

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Poetic Overtures

A long lonely walk after a heavy shower outside, at 10 in the night, can lead to poetic overtures, especially if you were listening to Beethoven's Quartetto Serioso (Op. 95) a few minutes prior to your stroll:

Your eyes clearly say
What your smile tries to betray
That you are lost
Trying to find yourself
Tired of walking alone at nights
Trying with all your might
You put up a splendid fight
But alas, you don't know what you are fighting
Who you are fighting
Or why you are fighting
But you must
For it gives you reason to live
A mask to wear
An instrument to battle fear
And soon life would grow wings
Fly away
Those moist eyes would again give away
What your smile would try to sway…

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Re-discovering our red planetary neighbor�

The recent proximity of Mars to Earth was a cause of lot of enthusiasm amongst stargazers (planet-gazers?) � both amateurs and pros � understandably so - for this is once in a 50,000 year event! The clouded Bangalore skies played spoil-sport for me, though eventually the event did materialize into something tangible � nothing of a very profound nature � just a photograph. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

And you thought there was no life at Mars?
And you thought there was no life at Mars?

Now before you think that I forged one of those 1970s Viking photograph from Cosmos, let me explain how this picture transpired. I had come across these track-marks/footprints while sauntering at Lal Bagh, which happens to have a red-clay walking track that had been perfected for my purpose by overnight showers. The news of Mars being so close to Earth obviously played-up on my psyche and prompted me to capture the otherwise ordinary, ephemeral, easily ignorable impressions on mud into a (memorable?) photograph! Mars it seems, was closer than you thought!

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