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Ad-lib (Act II)

I have a knack of running into bad advertisements with ridiculous copy (or rather bad advertisements with ridiculous copy tend to run into me). My encounters with such adverts especially ones bustling with a potent combination of puerility and adolescent creativity (or lack of it) usually leave me in this utter confused state which is a queer mixture of plain disgust and sheer displeasure. Here is what I came across during flight from Bangalore to Chennai: (the ad here is trying to sell us Hi-Design leather laptop bags).

Tell him you don�t care
If he�s a man or mouse

Hi Design laptop bags
Eminently Giftable
Ranging from the purely platonic to wildly passionate
If it clicks, he�s your man
If it double clicks, it�s a mouse

Gulp! Sigh! What if it just right clicks, or better still, scrolls? A track-ball? Is this humor? How very subtle! Enough dressing down, I�ll leave it at that.

posted: 29.9.03

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