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Re-discovering our red planetary neighbor�

The recent proximity of Mars to Earth was a cause of lot of enthusiasm amongst stargazers (planet-gazers?) � both amateurs and pros � understandably so - for this is once in a 50,000 year event! The clouded Bangalore skies played spoil-sport for me, though eventually the event did materialize into something tangible � nothing of a very profound nature � just a photograph. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

And you thought there was no life at Mars?
And you thought there was no life at Mars?

Now before you think that I forged one of those 1970s Viking photograph from Cosmos, let me explain how this picture transpired. I had come across these track-marks/footprints while sauntering at Lal Bagh, which happens to have a red-clay walking track that had been perfected for my purpose by overnight showers. The news of Mars being so close to Earth obviously played-up on my psyche and prompted me to capture the otherwise ordinary, ephemeral, easily ignorable impressions on mud into a (memorable?) photograph! Mars it seems, was closer than you thought!

posted: 3.9.03

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