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Poetic Overtures

A long lonely walk after a heavy shower outside, at 10 in the night, can lead to poetic overtures, especially if you were listening to Beethoven's Quartetto Serioso (Op. 95) a few minutes prior to your stroll:

Your eyes clearly say
What your smile tries to betray
That you are lost
Trying to find yourself
Tired of walking alone at nights
Trying with all your might
You put up a splendid fight
But alas, you don't know what you are fighting
Who you are fighting
Or why you are fighting
But you must
For it gives you reason to live
A mask to wear
An instrument to battle fear
And soon life would grow wings
Fly away
Those moist eyes would again give away
What your smile would try to sway…

posted: 4.9.03

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