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I will admit without a moment’s hesitation that this picture was work of a handy accident rather than labor of conscious composition. A premeditated shot; on being viewed later, has the ability to transfer me back to the very moment in time (and space) when (where) it was clicked. I can feel the breeze, smell the smells, hear the sounds and experience the momentary stillness during shutter-release when the world ceases to exist. No such vivid memories flash past me as I look at this one.

I would have loved the composition to have been symmetrical. But if one could direct the course of an accident, it would cease to be an accident. In any case, had the shot been perfect, the temptation to proclaim it as a work that I had deliberately striven towards, would have been too high. The imperfection – for what it is worth - keeps me honest about my intent (or lack of it).

Now on a totally unrelated note, I am wondering, if Arjuna was a photographer instead of an archer, would he have worried about more than just the fish’s eye? I think he would have, because a nice bokeh is as important to a picture as what lies in focus. Would Dronacharya coach our ace shooter somewhat differently? Perhaps I am going kooky (there is this certain individual who would argue that I already was), or perhaps it is the result of writing this post after a tiring late night flight.

The remaining thoughts that dart through my head at the moment, in reverence to the title of my blog, are to be left unsaid.
posted: 21.2.06


That's called perfect timing.Its all about reacting.
Why did you use sepia-is there any spcific reason?

By Blogger ssg, at 21.2.06  

:), I could perhaps pass it off as perfect timing, but it wouldn't be entirely true.

The picture had a very monochromatic "skin colored" tone to it due to the nature of the subject(s) so I tried sepia and that version somehow turned out to be better than the original. No science really, just a calculated serendipity :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 23.2.06  

the only think I didn't like is editing to make the teeth white :)

By Anonymous Abhinaba Basu, at 23.8.06  

Oh.. no I didn't touch the color of the teeth.. they were this white :)

By Blogger Deepak, at 23.8.06  

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