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Photo Friday: Masculine

My entry to this week's Photo Friday contest - 'Masculine'
posted: 28.2.06


When the page opened, I thought I accidently opened an ad page..but no. Amazing shot and amazing blue again. Did you use the polarizing filter again? And how did you make the background so white?

On the other note:
Doesn't it say Nice Feelings...for men?. Shouldn't it be feminine and not masculine then.... ;).

By Blogger Richa, at 1.3.06  

I love the color on this too, and the composition as well. Excellent work!

By Anonymous Digital Drool, at 2.3.06  

HI Deepak,

Excellent photography. What camera have you used to shoot these wonderful photos.

- Vikram S

By Blogger Vikram Sunderraj, at 5.3.06  

Thanks Richa!

Yes, I did use a polarizing filter but that was merely to cut off the glaring surface reflections from the glass bottle placed under the afternoon sun. The background was a ruled sheet of paper which I later painted white in Paint Shop Pro.

I guess men are entitled to Nice Feelings once in a while :)

Thanks Digital Drool!

Thanks Vikram! The equipment I use is listed on my profile page.

By Blogger Deepak, at 6.3.06  

Next time I want to see a feminine. :o)

By Blogger ssg, at 9.3.06  

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