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Lessons learnt from a cup of coffee

Small, mundane things like having a coffee at your favorite Barista can sometime provide profound lessons. I am not sure on this particular day what had aroused my sensibilities - I was either extremely low or unusually happy, what I do know is that perhaps I wasn�t my usual self. The hot cappuccino arrived on my table, I tore open the sachet of sugar and turned it upside down with the practiced routine of a military parade. Facilitated by gravity, the fine white grains of sugar flowed into my cup of coffee. The grains of sugar tend to form a mound and float on the brown frothy surface of cappuccino. That they are floating is a short-lived illusion. Very soon the coffee moistens, and thus oozes into the base of the heap, staining the chaste sugar crystals, coffee. Within no time the entire mound resembles a dark sticky, syrupy mass, which sinks to the bottom of my cup. The few ephemeral bubbles being the only evidence of the entire (dramatic?) episode. Isn�t life like a cup of coffee, aren�t we the sugar crystals � becoming cynical, tainted with each passing day � drowning to the bottom without a trace�

posted: 13.9.03

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