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Colonel Baillie's Dungeon

Colonel Baillie's Dungeon at Srirangapatna, looks more like a low arched gallery or passageway than a dungeon. Even on a partially cloudy day, it seems sufficiently lit-up by the sun; the surrounding walls whitewashed in white, serving to highlight the illusion of adequate illumination. The overall ambience therefore is such, that you half expect to run into a whirling dervish lost in his meditative trance.

History however, informs us that the present appearance of the dungeon is signally deceptive. The dungeon is the very spot where Tipu Sultan's (usually English) prisoners were once kept for torture. Indeed, the watchful among you will be quick to point out protrusions in the wall that are purported to have once held the chains that bound the tormented captives. The present appellation in fact, couldn't have been a crueler irony. The dungeon is named after Colonel Baillie, who is said to have perished here during his imprisonment - though according to another prevailing version of the tale, he died several years later.
posted: 12.12.05



i ve been visiting your space for a while now and think that you have an eye and passion for what you do.. is photography only a hobby?

- anamika

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13.12.05  

I am a shard of God’s broken mirror
Behold in me
Incomplete, but beautiful reflections
of Eternity

By Blogger Ink Spill, at 13.12.05  

The photo gives me a futuristic SF feel!

By Blogger ash, at 13.12.05  

Hi Anamika! Thanks for visiting. Yup, so far photography is a hobby :-)

Pardon me for a non poetic reply, but I was a student of science and it will take some doing to get that out of my head :)

the ephemeral reflection
of eternity
with first rays of sun
ceases to be

for once that happens
(do not sigh)
that puddle (your mirror)
will soon dry

Hey Ash, I wish the entire floor was wet not just a "shard" (to borrow from inky :-)), the inverted reflection of the vaulted ceiling would've definitely made it look like a Star Wars set!

By Blogger Deepak, at 14.12.05  

Fab pic!!! Honestly, me thinks the shard is working better than a completely wet floor would have.

Fantastic shot :)

By Blogger Avis, at 14.12.05  

The Sun can only dry up the image
Not touch the source’s ceaseless flow
Our visions of eternity are ephemeral
Souls and puddles are wont to know

By Blogger Ink Spill, at 14.12.05  

Somehow (as I waited for the picture to download) I expected a rather dark, dingy dungeon - so I'm still waiting for the "dungeony" feeling to hit me...

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 14.12.05  

nice pic...a quick Q...how do i edit the size of the images on my blog??

By Blogger Puneet, at 14.12.05  

Is it a Dungeons and Deepak game? :)

(Ooops, lousy humour. Sorry!)

By Blogger sajith, at 14.12.05  

Thanks Avis!

Hmm.. I am still not sure which would look "better". Having clicke the "shard", I'd definitely like to click one where the entire floor is wet. But for now, I could also interpret the "shard" as an opening to an alternative nether world - though indentical to one above it :-)

Well Inky,

if this goes on for too long,
on our hands, we'll have a song.
all we need is a stanza more,
I will set it to a score


Hey Geets, precisely! This dungeon doesn't seem like one at all!

Thanks Puneet. I don't use Blogger photos for my pictures. I just post them to Flickr in 800x550 (or thereabouts) and link to them.

:-), Hey Sajith, if you think this is lousy humor, check the "Alternative title" of my next post!

By Blogger Deepak, at 15.12.05  

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