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The boy at the fort

I ran into this boy, the moment I was within the perimeter of the Chitradurga fort. For a moment, it felt like he had walked out of one of those Charles Dickens novels that often begin with an account of the humble, downtrodden beginnings of their adolescent protagonist. Seeing a camera in my hand, he requested me to click him. I obliged. He couldn't be happier. Nor could I have been.

Update: Sajith pointed out that the version posted here looked a bit out of focus. I've tweaked the original a bit and posted the sharper version. The softer focus (or lack of it) has been intentional a few times before, but here, it was clearly an oversight.
posted: 3.12.05


waah. kya sly grin maara hai. and check out the scar...
just curious, was this the only shot or the best one? i never manage to take 'human' expression ones too well.

By Blogger wendigo, at 4.12.05  

Looks like a very tha-ra-le (naughty) boy ;-)

By Blogger ash, at 4.12.05  

Is he slightly out of focus or is it my new spectacles? :)

By Blogger sajith, at 4.12.05  

Hi Wendigo.. this isn't he only one that I took, there are two more, of which I'll post one. I usually allow myself some time with the subject before getting the camera into the picture and that usually works :)

Hey Ash, I think the next pic will probably reenforce your assessment of the boy :)

Hey Sajith, I didn't notice it (come to think of it, I might be due for a visit to ophthalmologist) but now that you mention, yes I think it is a little soft. The subject must've either been slightly out of focus or it might be the noise removal filter I subjected this pic to, to clear off the graininess caused by shooting at ISO 400. Let me see if I can apply an unsharp mask and make it a little sharper.

By Blogger Deepak, at 4.12.05  

The soft focus kid looked like a Dickens hero, the sharp focus kid looks like a potential angry young man. Amazing how much small things alter the big picture!

By Blogger Mansi, at 5.12.05  

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