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Dear Deer

It had taken me more than 150 shots to get this one right. While I deleted a good number of those iterations, I left some of them intact primarily as an evidence of effort involved. On showing them off to Sajith, he suggested that I make a collage/filmstrip of them and post. Well, here they are.

Now the reason why none of the pictures on display here had made it was because either I would trace the 5 through the air all wrong, or overexpose my face, or assume a countenance which is somewhere between the expression on the face of a man who sat on a thumb-tack, and a deer on the highway who is facing the headlights of a fast-approaching truck.
posted: 19.11.05


So what did you do to get it right ultimately? Remove the thumbtack from the chair and put it on the road under the wheel of the truck? :p

This collage belongs somewhere between a black magic cult group website and a horror film about the 39 reincarnations of a pyromaniac.

Interesting to know that people like you walk among us daily pretending to be software geeks. There IS an alternate universe after all.

By Blogger Mansi, at 19.11.05  


What equipment do you have?

By Blogger Arun, at 19.11.05  

These are scary ones! But, great effort!

By Blogger Sharath MS, at 19.11.05  

wow. she's mean.
maybe she's the truck you're heading for bwahahahaah

By Blogger wendigo, at 20.11.05  

referring to the first commentator...

By Blogger wendigo, at 20.11.05  

Deer + headlights? Yup...that description would be as close to accurate as it gets. It usually has me rolling down the window, poking my head out and yelling on top of my lungs - "Get out of my way, you stupid blinking deer!"...followed by some incessant honking.

I envisage the thumb tack accident evoking a more vocal & pain-filled response.

By Blogger Manjusha, at 20.11.05  

Neat! Well done! And nice analogies :D

LOL @ Mansi and Manjusha.

By Blogger sajith, at 21.11.05  

Woohoo!!! Just plain awesome! Great idea to put this up (thanks to Sajith as well). My fav pic -- 2nd row, 2nd shot from right. :)))

By Blogger Avis, at 21.11.05  

"Boochaadu" :-)

Try to know the meaning ;-)

By Anonymous Sudhakar, at 21.11.05  

Ahem ok...wonderful photos :-D

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 22.11.05  

Hey Mansi,

It took obstinate persistence to get it right... metaphors (especially those involving thumb tacks and innocent deer) are to be left as metaphors!

Thanks to Edison uncle's invention, light can be made without the use of fire. No pyrotechnics (or even urge to use them) involved here and so the pictures are not to be confused with pyromania. Black magic cult group? I am ill educated about such things.. perhaps you can shed a light... who knows I'll start one :-)

"Pretending to be software geeks" - nope.. software geeks pretending to be photographers :-)

Thanks Arun, I use a Canon EOS 350. 17-45mm f/4L and 50mm f/1.8 are the only two lenses that I own. The latter is now a days only used under challenging lighting conditions.

Thanks Sharath.

Hey Wendigo! She is! At times she doesn't mean to be.. but mostly she is, which by no means is a mean feat. You get my well meaning meaning?

Hey Manjusha, I hope that all that hard work causes the deer to veer from the highway!

The vocal and pain-filled response came when previewing the picture after the 30 second suspense and finding out that I had messed it up yet again!

Thanks Sajith! (And thanks for the idea too!)

Thanks Avis! My favorite is the 4th picture from left in the 3rd row - for it's Harry Potteresque bolt :-)

Hey Sudhakar, you'll need to educate me here! Does it mean "Ghost"?

Hey Geets! Yup it's me (or body-parts thereof) :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 23.11.05  

Neat! :)

By Blogger ~ sAn ~, at 14.12.05  

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