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A photographer's recipe

A sunny day and clear blue sky,
washed clean by last night’s rain

A polarizer that you buy,
and keep free from dust ’n’ stain

You dump the pic, then you try -
fixing through steps uncertain

Taken at Chitradurga. I got so many wonderful pictures there, that I began to wonder if the place is called "Chitra"durga because of it being so picturesque.
posted: 30.11.05


risking sounding corny.... rocking! :)

By Blogger Kaushal, at 30.11.05  

is that "inky" sky an authentic (joining kaushal in corn-wall) or is that achieved byt fixing through steps uncertain?

By Blogger Ink Spill, at 30.11.05  

Thanks Kaushal!

Yup Inky, this was the result of tweaking contrast and saturation.

By Blogger Deepak, at 3.12.05  

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