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This post is here to break the monotony of gray and black which - though an inherent fault (if it may be a called so) of my blog template - had been accentuated by the last two posts. There isn't a better way to offset it than by the tedium of green with a hint of maroon.

Every blog, irrespective of it's blogger's actual intentions, performs an important function - that of feeding his/her vanity. To allow this blog to discharge that very noble office, I should point out that I cross the glorious 300 post mark with this post.

I will now go on and elocute on the journey which has led me to this remarkable achievement.


On second thoughts, I'd rather have you go through my last three years' archives :-)
posted: 11.12.05


Or ... you could change the blog template to more joyful colors too! ;-)

By Blogger ash, at 12.12.05  

La la la la la la

By Anonymous Anonymiss, at 12.12.05  

Congrats, you scored a triple century on the same day sachin made his 35th century..:-)

By Anonymous Sudhakar, at 12.12.05  

Good idea Ash, I am already working on one :-).

La la la la la

Thanks Sudhakar! Mine is a much much much smaller milestone in comparison :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 12.12.05  

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