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Pink to Brown

flashy pink, but now dull brown
still, it's one of nature's hue
once I smiled and now I frown
the old thus makes the way for new
posted: 17.11.05


umm.. I don't know what to say but the first impression as soon as the page loaded - I was disturbed! :)

By Blogger Arun, at 17.11.05  


look at mike's macro wallpaper collection, you might want to create one too :-)


By Anonymous Sudhakar, at 17.11.05  

Thanks for dropping by Arun. Yes it is a little disturbing to see a beautiful flower rott away helplessly. "Disturbing" perhaps is a slightly strong word in this context, "sad" perhaps would be just right :-).

Cool one Sudhakar! I'll need a collection better and larger than what I have now, before I consider that!

By Blogger Deepak, at 19.11.05  

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