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The Hook

In the backyards of several dams in Karnataka, you’ll find some of the most spectacular gardens. After spending a day in Hampi, the 'Nandan Van' (if I am not mistaken) garden, close to the Tungabhadra Dam, was our last stop for the day. Most of these gardens are landscaped in the Mughal style and more often than not, they have a ‘musical fountain’ that the parents are often tugged towards by their kids. While the lawns, flower-beds and nurseries in the garden were tended to nicely, everything else suffered from neglect. The fountains were dirty and defunct – their faucets leaky and rusted.

It is here that I had come across this weather-beaten, disintegrating lady whose amputated right hand reminded me of the pirates – I am sure not quite what the sculptor intended. The swans around her continue to look remarkably life-like.
posted: 15.11.05


Beautiful pic!
Her missing left elbow is most curious too!

By Blogger Ink Spill, at 15.11.05  

beautiful photograph.
-Vikas Kamat

By Anonymous Vikas Kamat, at 15.11.05  

Indian version of Captain Hook! Peter Pan beware.

And the ducks do look real. Eerie.

By Blogger Manjusha, at 15.11.05  

I almost thought those swans are real at my first site :S

By Anonymous Sudhakar, at 15.11.05  

Thanks Ink Spill!

Thanks Vikas!

Thanks Manjusha! Even more eerie is the duck right behind the lady - one that is (almost) missing its neck!

So did I Sudhakar!

By Blogger Deepak, at 17.11.05  

Thanks for pointing it out! Now I'm going to have Scary Duck nightmares. Does the one in front on the left even have a head? Or is it just look away from the camera?

By Blogger Manjusha, at 20.11.05  

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