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Dog, Master

Since Sajith and smilebringer have been posting dog photos, I thought I would post one too. I even wrote my dog a little poem:

I come storm your room
we go for a walk
Who’s the dog, who the master
is all pointless talk
I’m the one in control
where’s the confusion
You are holding the leash
and thus the illusion
posted: 21.9.05


Awww that poor mutt doesn't look too well...nor very happy!

As for walking dogs, we dog-lovers know all abt it;-) Ask me I'm still nursing a wound from having been taken for a run by my dog!

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 21.9.05  

Oh. he was fine.. (and a fine mutt too :-)) just a little restive. You see, mid-day isn't exactly the time when you'll find dogs at their cheerful best :)

By Blogger Deepak, at 21.9.05  


I like the poem. The dog should be fed.

(I've started imagining another composition from the dog's perspective. It is forming in my head. Thanks, Deepak!)

By Blogger sajith, at 21.9.05  

Enjoyable blog. Please check out my small dog blog.

By Blogger Steve Austin, at 1.10.05  

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