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Photo Friday: Divine

In Hindu religious iconography, lotus holds a very special place. So prominent is its association with deities that I am tempted to call it Gods’ own flower. Brahma - the Creator in Hindu pantheon, is almost always depicted as seated inside a lotus. Many other Gods and Goddesses too (Lakshmi the goddess of wealth comes to mind) are often depicted as either standing inside a lotus or as holding one. Once you’ve seen a fully efflorescent lotus, its divine connection becomes obvious. Smell it and you realize that indeed it is a flower befitting the Gods.

This is therefore my entry to this week's Photo Friday theme: Divine.

p.s. Got a story to share about lotus and its mythological associations? I’d love to hear it!
posted: 19.9.05


Where does one begin? Brahma is often referred to as Padmayoni, loosely translated to "emerged from the lotus". One of the versions of the Brahma legend say that he emerged from a Lotus that grew from the navel of Vishnu.
The lotus (Padma) is one of the four symbols for Vishnu, the other three being the conch (Shankh), his famous Chakra, and the mace (gada (and NOT gadha, as some people spell it (And I HATE LISP))).
Indra was said to have hidden in a lotus for years, when he had been responsible for the death of a Brahman.
There is a grand adventure story that started because a divine lotus was dropped by a celestial being where a mortal could find it. I can't remember the name jsut yet.
Lastly, Bheem had a minor adventure because of a lotus. One had been borne by the wind to Draupadi, and she wanted one more.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20.9.05  

Thanks for all the wonderful information Anonymous!

By Blogger Deepak, at 25.9.05  

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