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Bougainvillaea etc.
Two of the "flower" pictures that I had taken when visiting Lal Bagh with my new camera for the first time.

I found that Bougainvillaea is as hard to click as it is to spell. Would love to find out what the second flower is called.


posted: 14.9.05


Never seen that delicate shade of pink on a bouganviilaea before! My dentist has a yellow bouganvillaea :-|

The second flower is called "Happiness". Yellow, orange, and suchlike are the colors it usually comes in.

By Blogger Ink Spill, at 14.9.05  

Hello Deepak,

These photos are cool..

Can you please recommend a good digtial camera for me that can be bought here in India.
I am still not sure which model I should go in for even after doing some minimal research on the models available. (This is my first dig. camera and I do not know much about the tech specs)

Basically, am looking for a decent camera. Budget ~20-25K INR


By Anonymous Ashish, at 17.9.05  

Hey Inky, I've seen Yellow bougainvillaea too but somehow to me they don't half as charming as their light pink counterparts.

Hey Ashish, I suggest you look at DP Review. This being your first camera, you should focus on portability. If the size of your camera makes you think twice before carrying it, you won't be clicking enough.

Other than that, try and get 5 MegaPixel 3x Optical zoom at least. Stay away from Sony - their accessories tend to be more expensive.

My first camera was a Minolta DImage XT, but be forewarned that no authorised service centers for Minolta are to be found in India.

Hope this helps!

By Blogger Deepak, at 21.9.05  

Thanks Deepak

By Anonymous Ashish, at 23.9.05  

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