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A Fresh Start
Let Us Begin

This blog was started on a fine Sunday morning over three years ago with the intent of expressing myself. My intent hasn’t changed much, but over these few years (and over last few months) the medium of expression has morphed itself into a largely visual one (from being a purely verbal one). The new design that you see is an attempt to reflect this very change. The old template was coming in the way of allowing me to post large pictures. And yes, that sidebar – with its user stats, google ads and other equally other inane things - like what I was listening to, was cluttering the screen. The sidebar – as you would have probably noticed already - has been done away with. The space for posts has been “expanded” to fill in a good deal more area on your screen.

I hope to post more regularly than what my past record would suggest. A post every two days will be my attempt. But since I don’t blog for a living, there might be occasional breaks that are longer.

As the template would seem to suggest, the content will be largely pictorial. As far as photography is concerned, I am still what you would term - a dilettante. And I have no qualms about it. After all, as the old adage goes, professionals are amateurs who did not give up. This blog therefore is still not what you would consider a “portfolio” but is merely a record of my journey as a photographer.

Do I stop writing altogether? No. The rants, the book reviews, the travelogues, the essays on musicology, the poems (if they can be called that) will still keep coming but I’ll try and give them a visual context wherever possible.

p.s. The gentleman holding the camera, is once again, Kaushal. I am sure that by now, we all know who Mr. Karkhanis is.
posted: 18.9.05



- Inky

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18.9.05  

Keep it up and Congratulations.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18.9.05  

it sure looks better, anything that puts things in focus [no pun intended :-)] is always nice.
but we are yet to see a landscape photo, one which is panoramic and captures nature.

By Blogger Richard Hsu, at 21.9.05  

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