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Since it's been raining
Dedicated to the rains’ obstinate refusal to go away.


Here is a cropped section from the same picture. You can see a tiny, inverted reflection of the lamppost inside the droplets. The droplets look to me like transparent eggs bearing seeds of some alien life-form.

posted: 8.9.05


1000 times a day on ESPN, Shubha Mudgal (at least I think it's her)sings in the Alto ad: "Boondon mein jaane kya naya hai!"

By Blogger Ink Spill, at 8.9.05  

Hi Deepak,
Whenever i see your pictures it alights my mind.I went to mantralayam yesterday. There is a lots of greenary because of rains.I suggest you to visit that place.

MS Community Star

By Blogger Raja Sekhar Amirapu, at 10.9.05  

Whenever i see your blog, my mind feels like boarding a big flight(Boing 747).The peotry is very good.

By Blogger Raja Sekhar Amirapu, at 10.9.05  

Thanks Raja Sekhar!

By Blogger Deepak, at 11.9.05  

Good pics.
Dharmastala is near to Mangalore.Iam not sure of the distance from Shravanabelagola.
Make sure you visit car museum also if you go there.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11.9.05  

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