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Cropped (for want of a better title)
These are two cut-outs from larger pictures. You have already seen the first one before. I hadn't noticed the delicate strands of cobweb in the second picture till I saw it in its full resolution on the computer screen. Both are touched-up versions of the original, because my intentions in posting them here are not entirely photographic.


posted: 6.9.05


As they say in the town my Naani hailed from: "Arrey Ghazab!"

Can we have the version with the green background too?
*Ducks to avoid projectiles*

By Blogger Ink Spill, at 6.9.05  

Don't duck :) the only projectiles I am throwing here are links to the originals, catch them - First and Second.

By Blogger Deepak, at 6.9.05  

Just dropped in to ask if you've ever been on one of these - www.bangalorewalks.com ?

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 6.9.05  

Nope. Not yet. I think Anita had taken one recently.

By Blogger Deepak, at 7.9.05  

Don't know about Anita, I read it on Vaish's blog and thought it was an interesting concept...and that it was something you'd enjoy, given your love for Bglr, old houses and ofcourse walking:-)

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 8.9.05  

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