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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!
When visiting Belur a few months ago, I had come across this small idol of lord Ganesha in a small niche at the Chennakeshava temple complex there. It was a little unusual in that it depicted Ganesha as having eight arms:

Lord Ganesha

The norm I believe, even in those days (13th Century - Hoysala dynasty), was to sculpt Ganesha with four arms. A visit to the 13th century Keshava temple (at Somnathpur) today, allowed me an opportunity to click two Ganesha carvings there. Although both depict Ganesha as having four arms, interestingly, the first one shows Ganesha as having “human” feet, while the other depicts him in “elephant” feet.

Lord Ganesha (Somnathpur)

Lord Ganesha (Somnathpur)

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

p.s. During my visit to Belur and Somnathpur, the ambient lighting conditions, thanks to a rainy weather, were most inclement for photography of sculptures. Between not posting anything at all today and posting digitally salvaged (somewhat) versions, I chose the latter. Hope I'll be forgiven for unleashing these pictures on world at large!
posted: 7.9.05


Thank you for uploading these pictures!They made the day for a home-sick Belurite and avowed fan of Hoysala architecture!

By Blogger Padma, at 7.9.05  

Thanks for visiting Padma! I often cite Hoysala architecture as an example of leaving somthing lasting in this world!

By Blogger Deepak, at 8.9.05  

After seeing some of the photos on your blog I thought you will take good pictures if you go to places like Belur.So I was really thrilled to see these photos here.One more place which you might enjoy is Dharmastala especially the museum there (It would be nice if you go there before the monsoon ends,If you haven't visited already).
Nice photos.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8.9.05  

wow, nice pictures.

By Blogger Sharon, at 8.9.05  

Thanks Anonymous! Is Dharamsthala near Shravanabelagola?

Thanks Sharon!

By Blogger Deepak, at 8.9.05  

Me thinks that the Ganapati with more then 4 hands has tantric origin in its form the same as in Indonasia and Malay.

By Blogger Raul, at 11.9.05  

I've no idea Raul! But I'd love to find out for sure.

By Blogger Deepak, at 11.9.05  

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