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My caffeine habits
I am ‘ambidextrous’ as far as my choice of beverage is concerned. The quotes around ambidextrous are meant to indicate that the word is not to be interpreted too literally here – so no – you might not conjure an image of me holding a cup of tea in my left hand, sipping coffee from a cup in right. There are odd days – even weeks – when my intake of tea far surpasses coffee, but sooner than later, coffee makes a convincing comeback; usually as the sinful concoction that involves chocolate in good measures – as mocha.

Here are the pictures of my (rather messy) cup of mocha. The second version was result of some calculated fooling around in Paint Shop Pro.

posted: 18.6.05


:-) NOw that's an interesting use of the term 'ambidextrous'- must admit I was wondering what in the blazing hell you meant by that!

I perosnally prefer plain Cappucino or Caramel Cappucino at Barista (that looks like a Barista cup to me), but swear by the Cafe Mocha at CCD...elsewhere I play safe and stick to Cappucino, no added flavours thank you.

Liked the fooling ard you've done - messy or not, it makes me yearn for coffee!!!

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 21.6.05  

:-), that's the barista cup indeed! You must be quite a regular there to spot this!

By Blogger Deepak, at 22.6.05  

Ah yes there were those days :-)

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 22.6.05  

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