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What keeps me up
Not fear of missing the morning flight,
nor work that keeps me busy as a bee.
When sleep assaults I put up a fight -
with a cup of chai or surfeit of coffee

posted: 22.6.05


Hi Deepak,

Lovely. Did you add the frame on PSP as well? Or was this not an original picture? A beautiful and ornate cup.

This is one blog which I like to visit. :-)

By Blogger jhgasuhvkjahklnsdlksnlknmlwvlckn, at 22.6.05  

It's a lovely picture!

Somehow, I associate ornate cups with tea (Earl Grey?) and not coffee, which is more of an on-the-go kind of beverage.

But who knows, maybe some adventurous Chola king ground some coffee beans one day, and...

By Blogger Ink Spill, at 22.6.05  

Now THIS isnt a Barista cup for sure, unless you drastically 'touched' it up! ;-)

Kinda agree with Inky there abt the ornate cup and tea - but come to think of it, a swanky hotel (as opposed to a chain cafe) WOULD serve coffee in a cup like that...so what hotel are we frequenting these days Deepak?;-)

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 22.6.05  

A neat picture!

The red and gold reminds me of the time I was in Leh.. not the design though. Tibetans generally have dragons and like designs done in brilliant gold and red and sometimes green!

I had to look at the picture for long to realise why it looked so familiar! Add to it the fact that you have added a gold frame and probably the backgrd too?

By Blogger R, at 24.6.05  

Beautiful picture. Love the way the coffee cup is placed and of course the colors.

Masala Tea is my preferred poison.

By Blogger Manjusha, at 24.6.05  

nice shot deepak...

you have the eye to turn the mundane into art ... this one is good enough for ad photography .. I can almost see the body copy on the maroon bg :)

By Anonymous avis, at 27.6.05  

Friendly airline partner,
Great pic - waiting for pics from teched yatra - specifically the Mumbai shot from the hotel room. I think you got the better shot ;).

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28.6.05  

Mmm... chai. I hate coffee. I'm in a tiny minority there.

By Blogger fdfs, at 29.6.05  

cool pic buddy... u have been publishing a lot of themed pics... where did u clicked this one?

By Blogger rahul A, at 1.7.05  

Thanks Tech! Both the frame and the maroon background were added in Paint Shop Pro.

Thanks Ink Spill!

Thanks Geetanjali! Indeed, this is not Barista. I was at Taj Coromandel in Chennai for a presentation and it is there that they serve you coffee in such ornate cups!

Thanks Aditi! I had also been to a buddhist monastery recently and indeed they do magic with colors! Yes, you've guessed correctly. Both the frame and the background are additions to the original.

Thanks Manjusha!

Thanks Avis!

Thanks Govind - the writeup is up. The picture shall follow shortly :)

Thanks for visiting Nick!

Thanks Rhaul! Clicked it at a hotel in Chennai then tweaked it generoulsy :)

By Blogger Deepak, at 2.7.05  

Beautiful picture.Tea is my fav drink!!

By Blogger CalmWinds_Typhoons, at 7.7.05  

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