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Two studies in contrasts:

Here are two pictures that represent utterly contrasting themes and range from mildly amusing to profoundly thought-provoking�

Anyone with basic knowledge of Indian history would reckon that Subhash Chandra Bose and Mahatma Gandhi though were united in their ultimate goal, differed greatly in their ideologies. While Gandhi believed in confrontation without actually confronting, Bose adopted the path of direct struggle to attain freedom. Though I am by no means qualified to justify either means (perhaps it�s a combination of the two that worked for us), I did ponder over the fact that one man�s seemingly rightful resistance for freedom can be other man�s terrorism (one wonders in what light would western media have portrayed India�s quest for Independence). So when I came across pictures of Gandhi and Bose hanging together in one frame, on my way to office, I was a little stupefied:

Gandhi, Bose

Like most interesting subjects so far, I came across the second one too while sauntering to office. I was a little disappointed at having missed clicking another butterfly (having clicked only flora so far, I now crave for fauna as subjects) just a little earlier in the day. I didn�t have to stay upset for long. I saw this beautiful creature delicately festooning the hard concrete surface of the road, as if posing there just in anticipation of a photographer. Needless to say, I didn�t disappoint the delectable, delicate butterfly:


(The butterfly fluttered in wings and disappeared within moments of my having taken this picture; I am feeling lucky!)

posted: 3.12.03

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