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Empty Spaces

Here are two pictures that capture similar themes, empty spaces, and are yet so starkly contrasting:

The first one depicts the vast expanse of skies where clouds roam about freely, the boundless playground. The second one too captures magnanimous roominess albeit it is enmeshed by enormous metal beams and glass walls. The impression of spaciousiness conveyed by latter is rendered specious the moment you contrast it with former.

(Techie Note: You can click the pictures to view their high resolution 1600x1200 versions. Be careful though, you�ll not only need good bandwidth but also a spacious hard-disk)

(Techie Note 2: My comment provider went down - been happening too often now, so I've switched to HaloScan)Backblog is back! Couldn't get HaloScan to work, may be I'll get back to it some other day

posted: 4.11.03

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