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A day in the woods and nature photography

�What if this life if full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare�

I got several opportunities to both stand and stare last week. It is hard to believe that within 45 minutes of driving away from Bangalore you can find yourself in wilderness devoid of city noise, pollution and your cell-phone signal.

Here are some of the pictures that I clicked while I was away - they might look as clich�d as nature photographs come but they must be endured keeping in mind that they are only my first attempt at any serious still nature photography:

I was amused to find that most beautiful of flowers blossomed in most obscure of locations � often under rocks or amidst thorny bushes. The first picture is that of the �Touch Me Not Plant� (I didn�t know that the plant bore such beautiful flowers till I saw one myself). The second picture brings out the perfect symmetry that nature displays so often (I fondly call this picture �A Ladder of Thorns�). I almost missed this tiny white flower under one huge boulder. The pale star covering the white petals marks this one striking. The fourth picture is the result of my city bred self getting excited over this vibrant shade of orange which I�ve never seen color a flower. Deciphering fifth picture is left as an exercise to the reader. The sixth picture exits because the lavender colored trio of flowers deserved a shot! Don�t quite know why I clicked the seventh one probably because we needed berries to complete the ensemble of ferns, petals and thorns. The eight pic was actually taken within the city, that too along a busy road. I was enamored by the shape in which the leaves were bunched together as if they were fingers of a human hand clasping skywards. Sometimes your subjects can present themselves at unexpected places. Nothing exceptional about the last one, just that I haven�t come across numerous buds and flowers on the same branch and so considered this one worth preserving.

You can click on any of the pictures to download their high-res versions. Do leave me a short note if you chose to use any of them as your wallpaper (I�d be genuinely flattered :-))

posted: 17.11.03

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