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That tree along the road...

Here is the complete story behind picture no. 8 (lets call it "leaf-clasp" for want of better title). I usually step out for lunch almost every day. While I don't really care much about food, the very exercise of being away from the grind of office is a relieving one and ensures my healthy existence in my cubicle right into later hours of evening. I used to pass this particular tree everyday but on this given day it had manifested itself into a striking subject. There were two discreet sets of branches. The group at bottom was comprised of old rotten leaves; the upper half had fresh growth of tiny leaflets bundled together in this interesting "rose-bud" like form. This is what the tree looked like:

The Tree 3 Weeks Ago

And this is exactly when I had taken picture of one of the leaf-buds.

I revisited the tree after three weeks and was enthralled to see its complete transformation into something more proper. (Agreed that it wasn't half as interesting a subject for photographs as it was three weeks ago, when it was going through "transmutation" pangs, I felt a lot happier for the tree. Pardon my melodramatic choice of words ;-), but as would be obvious when you look at the present photographs, I am not exaggerating wee bit!)

The Tree as it looks now

Here is close-up shot of one of the groups of leaves:
The Tree as it looks now

The bushy canopy of numerous clusters of upside-down umbrellas of leaves is a far cry from its tired, sick appearance of three weeks back!

posted: 20.11.03

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