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Looking Skywards

I stumbled upon the moon in the evening sky while looking skywards. I was clicking patterns of clouds when I saw, what I thought was a rather bright looking wisp of crescent cloud; I soon realized it was actually the Moon! Felt a little strange, almost surreal because the sun, though was setting fast, the sky was still very brightly lit (it was about 5:26 PM when I clicked the first picture). Captured a few shots, and as the sun went down, the moon grew in prominence (The first picture does not have the moon. You also might find it hard to locate the moon in the second pic � at least in the smaller version - look a little harder, it�s that bright speck right in the center.):

Came home feeling cheerful at my achievement but there was more to come. I captured, while standing at my living room�s balcony, these beautiful clouds, tainted orange by rays of setting sun�

I am a dawn person. I despise dusks (they make me pensive, at times glum) but today was an exception. As I sat listening to Norah Jones�s Come away with me, I couldn�t help grinning at the special meaning that track 6 had begun to imply after this evening�s lunar escapades�

�Summer days are gone too soon
Shoot the moon, missed completely��

(Honest confession: I deserve to be smacked for having taken the song to too literal a direction)

posted: 30.11.03

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