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The Matrix Revolutions: Nothing revolutionary about it

So I finally did watch The Matrix Revolutions and since it is probably one of the most blogged about movie of our times, I am obligated to blog my dissertation promptly. Despite being a serious Matrix fan, situations at work ensured that I only get to see it two weeks after the coveted world premier on November 5th � which does take some of the bite away. Although my friends who had watched the movie already, did their best to keep mum about what the grand finale looked like, the press this time kept dropping enough hints to aid educated minds put two and two together; the report Newsweek published last week being the biggest spoilsport of them all (and if you missed that, the Time this week has one too). Bottom-line � my expectations (if any) were low.

If you are a Matrix buff you would probably go to the theatre with a slight positive prejudice (even after all that you might�ve read); my case was no different. Unfortunately, forty minutes into the movie and the reality on screen makes any positive bias you brought along wither away (getting a seat in second-last Balcony row, where acoustics of the theatre are somewhat suspect, doesn�t help matters either) The action sequences adhere to oft repeated (and now oh so predictable) calisthenics. The only sequence that kept my attention was the gallant fight with Sentinels � that too because of the sheer technical merit involved in keeping those mind numbing number of objects on screen, moving concertedly.

For some queer reason, the movie kept reminding me of Star Wars (the fact that both movies are trilogies has got nothing to do with it), perhaps because of the �council� or probably because those giant robotic figures which queue up to battle the Sentinels resembled the machine armies one comes across so often in Star Wars. I only hope, that Wachowvsky brothers aren�t toying with the idea of a prequel (sadly the storyline has ample room for one). I kept wondering if there was a need for this botched third installment and if things could have been settled a little more respectfully in the first sequel itself.

I came out of theatre feeling a little sad � no not at Mr. Anderson�s valiant demise (oops did I just give it away) but at realization that I had just whiled away a wonderful sunny, breezy winter afternoon.

posted: 16.11.03

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