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I stood on my knees amidst a gentle snow shower to catch this shot. Every five minute or so the carousel will stop spinning to take in new riders. I would look at her freezing under the Hungerford Bridge, seeking her tacit approval for my indulgence. As another gentleman readied his tripod for the shot just a few yards away from us, she asked me, mischief floating in her eyes; 'have you wondered why this guy is alone?'

While I am alone today, this heart – unlike on St. Valentine’s Days of years before this, is no longer lonely.
posted: 14.2.06


god bless u!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14.2.06  

amazing!! Lovely lighting

By Blogger The elderly camel, at 14.2.06  

lovely deepak... the shot is really a golden prized shot i'd say bcoz of its colors..
good to hear the heart is not lonely now ;) - have fun!!
i am still looking for a shot to post today for the occasion but none - i guess some words will have to played around with to make some normal shot perfect for the day.

By Blogger Prasoon, at 14.2.06  

god bless you both

city skyline consultant

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14.2.06  

for a change, the words gets the prize..:-) anyway thatz risking too much for a photograph..;-)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14.2.06  

Hi Deepak,

I can see that nowadays your blogs are nothing but great photoes. Yep! They are real master photographs. Just like we have the term vlog to depict video blog, why can't we have a term plog to depict photo blog of Deepak? Any takers?

By Blogger Dr U B Pavanaja, at 14.2.06  

Lovely picture .. and lovelier words!

Very happy for you :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15.2.06  

She was freezing under a bridge called "Hungerford" and you were kneeling before a carousel. And you've still not been dumped. Amazing!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15.2.06  

It seems to be turning so fasr. :-P

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15.2.06  

Nice shot, beautiful words and nifty thing you did with the related note rollovers.

By Blogger Avis, at 15.2.06  


Lovely Session at Hyderabad Fortune Katriya.

Just Came back and googled for You returned with yet another good blog site away from Tech.

Thanks and Regards

By Blogger srikanths, at 17.2.06  

Deepak,I think it's high time for you to go for a photographic exhibition.

By Blogger Soumitra Sengupta, at 20.2.06  

Thanks everyone for your compliments, good wishes and blessings!

By Blogger Deepak, at 21.2.06  

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