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Ready... Steady... Go!

St. Pauls’ cathedral again, this time, from the millennium bridge. I cannot be blamed for clicking this one edifice so much – it was the first that thing I would face (besides the winter chill) the moment I would emerge from my abode in London. And it is such a gorgeous structure that I would often click till the remaining daylight (eveninglight?) would wane away.

If you look carefully at the picture, you’ll see that the façade of the cathedral is actually just a white sheet with the façade printed on it. This ensures that the cathedral continues to look wonderful (acceptable?) from a distance while the repair works go on behind this veneer – in fact had I not ventured close enough, I wouldn’t be able to tell!

You can also spot; besides the usual tourists eager to be clicked against the picturesque backdrop, a child eager to dart to the other end of the bridge.
posted: 23.1.06


I don't know about you, but the paper facade looks ugly/cheap to me!

By Blogger ash, at 23.1.06  

Hey nice pic Deepak.

I remember the last time I visited the Taj Mahal, some restoration work was on and they had one face of the Taj completely obscured by iron scaffolds. I had seen the Taj twice before but I was wondering what a disappointment it must have been for other tourists (especially the foreigners) who were seeing the Taj for the first time.

I would still prefer an ugly paper facade to seeing a beautiful monument wrapped in uglier scaffolds.

By Blogger Avis, at 23.1.06  

wouldnt have known about the paper facade, if u didnt mention that...nice warm lighting...

By Anonymous Kris, at 23.1.06  

Haven't visited in a while - and here you are making me nostalgic for my own city. Walked on Millenium Bridge only two weeks ago, though, on a visit to London. I think they may have covered the building work with that painted cloth before the Lord Mayor's show last November. Scaffolding wouldn't have looked too good on television. But actually I think they do these facsimiles on famous buildings under repair all over Europe these days. Seems a neat idea to me. Mostly.

By Blogger granny p, at 23.1.06  

Hey Ash, from this distance it sure does. But then as Avis puts it, I'd prefer it any day over an iron scaffolding. Plus it keeps the dust out/in :)

Thanks Avis! Oh that must've felt bad even if you've seen Taj before (perhaps in that case, even worse!)

Hi Kris, the warm lighting is owing to the time when this was clicked - just an hour before sunset. Also, I did touch up the color temperature a bit during post processing (increased it).

Hi Granny! Good to see you here again. Though it's been over 20 days since I returned home, I am still very nostalgic about your city.

I concur, it is a neat idea indeed!

By Blogger Deepak, at 24.1.06  

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