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fake fa├žade - make believe
think of it as a dream -
when your very eyes deceive
and all your senses scheme
posted: 8.2.06


For a moment there I thought I had landed on chromasia.


By Blogger Avis, at 8.2.06  

truly brilliant.

By Anonymous ashwin, at 8.2.06  

Mindblowing...it took me a moment to make it out...;-)

By Anonymous Kris, at 9.2.06  

Is the reflection on Black Ice? Did you work on the photo? Fantastic - just don't understand the way the pavement seems to be behaving.

By Blogger Pareshaan, at 9.2.06  


By Blogger Sharath MS, at 9.2.06  

Very thought provoking.I am watching this picture again n again.

By Blogger ssg, at 9.2.06  

Very, very nice.. have you flipped the photograph upside down?

By Blogger Rahul Kumar, at 9.2.06  

oh no wait!
Really awesome, did u edit the pic btw?

By Blogger ~ sAn ~, at 10.2.06  


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10.2.06  

Thanks eveyone for your comments. I'd rather let the original picture tell you what was done to it :)

By Blogger Deepak, at 10.2.06  

Very nice. Flipping it was the key, I'd say:) Was this done in (the) Gimp? (I played around with your original for a while, but evidently we're differently endowed in the matter of post-processing :D )


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13.2.06  

Hi Sb! I use Paint Shop Pro 9.0 from Jasc Software (now Corel).

I am still learning the ropes :)

By Blogger Deepak, at 14.2.06  

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