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Devi (Goddess)

This picture is a continuation of the theme that I had discussed in my last post. To me, it brings out the dichotomy of women's position in Indian society.
posted: 6.2.06


Kya baat hai Janaab - Bahut bharhiya.

By Blogger Pareshaan, at 6.2.06  

Awesome photography.
I can really feel that Devi's supernatural power is totally exposed here.That's the real thing you did,once again a great work.

By Blogger ssg, at 7.2.06  

nice pic. was it by coincidence or were you waiting for the moment??

By Blogger Mridul, at 8.2.06  

Thanks Pareshaan, Soumitra!

Hi Mridul, the lady janitor being there at that time was a coincidence; framing here into this shot was not :)

By Blogger Deepak, at 9.2.06  

Very nice photo. But the biggest dichotomy is we educated people (including myself) are doing nothing other than taking pictures through our eyes and deploring the plight of wememn. Finally we 'feel' good that we 'think' right but we do nothing. Well! we all are busy in our adventurous life. :-)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5.8.06  

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