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The Pigeon

My friends often taunt me by saying “for Deepak to condescend to click us, we’ll need to be born again as a flower, a dog or a bird”. It is indeed true that human subjects usually don’t hold much interest for me. On those occasions when human subjects are involved (or are for some reasons, unavoidable) it is their juxtaposition with a non-human entity that I often seek. The human element is relegated to the background in the so called “grand scheme of things”.

There are various devices that allow me to achieve these ends. A shallow depth of field - which “shows” you the subject, without it being the focus of the composition. Distance or proportion such that the human form diminishes greatly - though it is still perceivable as human and is to be interpreted with the backdrop. And lastly, reflection – the sort of hazy, diffused reflection one sees in a puddle of water - though again the human form is still kept perceptible (if barely).

I hope to present this week, three such works – unfortunately none of them my best, but each one of them a demonstration of what came out of a conscious analysis of some of my pictures.

About this picture: I was focused (pun unintentional) on the pigeon when the girl made it into the frame. Sadly so did the truncated torsos of her family, which, had they been absent, would have rendered the composition far more interesting – but sometimes spontaneity overrules technique.

I wonder if this girl and this pigeon, will ever meet again!
posted: 5.2.06


Lovely shot!!! indeed the picture speaks a thousand words...Now a snap with the girl in focus would sure be interesting to watch out for....

By Anonymous Kris, at 5.2.06  

Followed here from your snap submitted to BSB-eyes, and I am glad I made the trip!

Love your snaps; there is something abstractly different I find in your images - maybe they'r not exceedingly sharp, have natural unsaturated colours, interesting subjects...whatever, enjoyed seeing them. And your writeups make for a nice read too.

By Blogger The elderly camel, at 6.2.06  

very neat, especially the girl is very cool even in outfocus.

By Blogger సుధాకర్(శోధన), at 6.2.06  

seems like a shot right out of a movie! hmm, Shermione and Baldhed? (no wig on this one). ok, i'm corny.

By Blogger Kaushal, at 6.2.06  

Interesting. You watching a pigeon watching a girl. I wish the girl were looking directly into the camera. That would have completed the triangle.

By Anonymous Varun, at 7.2.06  

Awesome !

By Blogger New Dik On The Blog, at 7.2.06  

The girl and pigeon are wearing the same color coat. He's studying her. nice

By Blogger Carolina Trekker, at 7.2.06  

The pigeon did not seem to be afraid of her.Nice one.

By Blogger ssg, at 7.2.06  

Since I recently rescued some pigeons, I loved this image and the title...

By Blogger Selma Mirza, at 8.2.06  

Thanks Kris! Don't have a shot with the girl in focus :(

Thank you for your generous compliments The elderly camel.

Thanks Sudhakar!

Thanks Kaushal - you are so corny here that I could barely make out what you meant :) [glad you educated me in person or the joke would have been lost on me forever].

Thanks Varun, more than girl's eye contact, I wish there were no people in the background :(

Thanks New Dik On Blog!

Thanks Carolina Trekker! I also wanted to capture the greenish "sheen" that pigeons have around their necks, that would have gone perfectly with the girl's green muffler :)

Thanks Soumitra, the pigeon probably expected a few crumbs. Their appetite in winters can embolden them to a good degree!

Thanks Evenstar!

By Blogger Deepak, at 9.2.06  

This is a fantastic shot. I love the DOF. The colors are amazing.

By Blogger mar00ned, at 24.2.06  

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