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Tuppada Kola

Another picture from my Chitradurga visit. The picture has been touched up a bit to give the sky a dreamy feel (not that the sky on that day wasn't dreamy enough in the first place).
posted: 2.2.06


lovely shot...the colors are really striking.

By Anonymous Kris, at 3.2.06  

It's look like another excellent Desktop Wallpaper of Windows.

By Blogger ssg, at 3.2.06  

Don't you, as I do, hate dangling powerlines spoiling a perfect composition....

By Anonymous Helmi, at 4.2.06  

Thanks Kris!

Thanks Soumitra!

Hey Helmi, oh yes at times I do. But I also hate to photoshop them out - the reasoning might not sound too coherent, given the fact that I often tweak color/contrast and at times crop the pictures but still. In this case, don't you think they add another perspective - one that takes you from the top of the picture to the middle, vertically?

By Blogger Deepak, at 5.2.06  

The cloud in the middle looks as though its on a high speed trip to nowhere.

FYI - "Tuppada Kola" roughly translates to "A Pond of Ghee"!

Great shot!

By Blogger Sharath MS, at 5.2.06  

Thanks Sharath!

By Blogger Deepak, at 9.2.06  

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