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In London

My first visit to London comes to an end in another two days. No city abroad has ever impressed me so much as London. It is heartening to see the old and the new exist here in perfect harmony. The white, lit-up dome far away is that of St. Paul’s Cathedral. The metallic framework that leads to it, and for some reasons reminds me of the human spine, is the Millennium Bridge. A friend informs me that whenever a new building is constructed, it needs to be sanctioned by the city authorities such that it doesn’t obstruct the view of the cathedral from any important site!

While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the stay here for many reasons, from a photographic standpoint, I am happy to have been able to pursue long exposure photography at night.
posted: 31.12.05


the photo is like as postcard photo. Grt work!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31.12.05  

Beautiful picture. I am very curious about what photogear you are using, specifically the lense. I don't seem to be getting this kind of clarity...may be you are using a fixed mm lens?.

I am using a D70S with 18-70 these days. The photos on my blog though are scanned from a film camera...N80 using a zoom lens and standard film. Do drop a note if you can...as I am curious to get some feedback and comments from seasoned photographers.


By Blogger B, at 1.1.06  

Awesome! So no one is bothering you there, eh?

And happy new year! :)

By Blogger sajith, at 1.1.06  

Truly a an awesome "Alohomora" on your shutters :-). I hope you are not on a photography tour of london LOL.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1.1.06  

Hi Deepak, amazing clarity in this photograph. U've got some awesome snaps in your blog and great travelogues esp. about Hampi... I like your photos and travel taste.. do visit my blog http://indianimagery.blogspot.com

By Blogger Rahul Kumar, at 2.1.06  


wish you and family the very best of health, wealth, wisdom n prosperity in Oh-Six. and yes, all the lenses your heart desires.

By Blogger Exotic Gringo, at 3.1.06  

This looks like sci-fi! Super!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3.1.06  

Thanks Ritesh!

Thanks Surya! I've started with my first SLR (a digital one at that) just 6 months ago, so I am hardly what you would call a "seasoned" photographer (the only season my camera has seen with me is winters - ok BAD joke :)). I'll definitely drop you a line about the gear I use on your blog.

Hey Sajith! Oh yes I haven't even had someone raise there eyebrows, forget bothering! London has been all my long-exposure fantasies come true (to be interpreted in *strictly* photographic sense :))

Happy 2006 to you too!

Thanks Sudhakar! I was in Lodon on a vacation, photography was purely coincidental ;-)

Thanks Rahul! Will definitely pay you a visit!

Thanks Kaushal! Happy 2006!

Thanks Gurleen Kaur Ji :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 3.1.06  

Awesome!!! Wish you a very happy new year

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4.1.06  

A beautiful picture here.

By Blogger Gagan Kaul, at 4.1.06  

Thanks Kris! A very happy new year to you too!

Thanks Gagan!

By Blogger Deepak, at 5.1.06  

Wonderful night shot!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28.2.06  

I wish someday I could be half as good a photographer as you are!

- Pandu

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6.3.06  

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