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Enough said

unexpected presence of a cannon
at Colonel Baillie’s dungeon
might also be mistaken
for a crazy installation

with a look of utter disbelief
I practiced my shutter release
posted: 20.12.05


I'm sure it must be very satisfying to know that there is a canon in your dungeon. Though there are serious doubts about its practicality. :-)

What is that brown thing on the top of the right pic?

By Blogger sudhanshu, at 21.12.05  

did that thing fall over from the roof, my friend?

nice shots... ;0)

By Blogger Prometheus, at 25.12.05  

Hey vercingetorix/prometheus - the "brown thing", as prometheus rightly guesses, is the very hole through which the cannon fell through into the dungeon. It wasn't intended to be there but there it is :)

By Blogger Deepak, at 27.12.05  

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