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This picture was taken during one of my earliest jaunts to Lal Bagh with the new camera. A visit just a couple of months ago however, ended in a disappointment - for I hardly saw any flowers. Partly it was the incessant rains that we got last year and partly the fact that the flower beds were being readied for the upcoming Republic Day flower show. A visit last weekend again put the smile back on my face – I even caught my camera smiling (shh… it doesn’t yet know that I know it; it thinks that I was looking elsewhere).
posted: 18.1.06


What's the name of the new smiling camera?

Btw, a friend of mine who is a high school arts teacher - she does a lot of graphic art - did a post with a similar theme. She called it "animism" an interesting thought..

Check out her site if you like - her work is very stimulating. http://blauereiter.motime.com

By Anonymous Helmi, at 19.1.06  

like the overall jaded effect....its kind of my taste...btw, which is the new camera?

By Anonymous Kris, at 19.1.06  

Aha! - Appu can smile :) maybe mine winks at the ladies.

that answers helmi's Q too!

By Blogger Kaushal, at 19.1.06  

Oh I think I spot the flower that reminded me of Nazis and shaved heads, in the background...I also think I just missed the point ;-)

Camera that smiles eh?

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 21.1.06  

Hey Helmi, Kris - firstly, thanks again for dropping by.

Let me give a bit of history here. I used to shoot with my old minolta-point and-shoot digital pocket camera before buying the Canon digital SLR. This is the six months old (still new?) camera that I was alluding to :)

Hey Kaushal, show Appu (what I fondly call my camera) around Lal Bagh on a bright sunny day and sure it smiles!

Hey Geets, to each his (her) own..! You must be studying Holocaust deeply for this pic to be conveying such stark ideas!

"Camera that smiles eh?", well mine does :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 23.1.06  

Which camera you used ?

By Blogger Rahul, at 12.4.12  

Back in the day it was a Canon EOS 350D

By Blogger Deepak, at 12.4.12  

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