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Glass House

Taken at Lal Bagh, just outside the Glass House. The place is abuzz with activity when flower shows are held. On other days it is simply a sheltered passageway. The signboard outside informs me that the original glass house was built in 1889 to provide “sequestered locale for flower shows” and was modeled on the lines of Crystal Palace of London. It recently underwent restoration and its new avatar was inaugurated on 15th Jan 2004. The signboard, records the event in a rather pompous verbiage – “Today we are proud to be part of what history will call a day to commit to memory - a day on which the Jewel of the Garden City has been ‘regifted’ it’s sparkle”.

If only history books would readily admit in such trifles by mere hefty proclamations on sign-boards.
posted: 5.11.05

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