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The beauty of decay

On this topic I have not much to say :-)
posted: 28.9.05


I see more rust, less decay! :)

By Blogger ash, at 28.9.05  

I loooooooooooooooooved this one. :) Any post pro here?

By Anonymous Avis, at 29.9.05  


By Blogger sajith, at 29.9.05  

Well Ash, rust is after all a subset of decay :)

Thanks Avis! Yes - I did post process this one - enhanced saturation and contrast. The original doesn't look too bad but I liked the bolder colors after post processing so stuck with it.

Thanks Sajith!

By Blogger Deepak, at 29.9.05  

Do you have the EXIF, etc somewhere?

Nice shot, I liked the wood-texture as much as the rust(that's probably me:/). Where/What is this?

Keep posting pics:)

- shajith (note the 'h' ;) )

By Anonymous sb, at 4.10.05  

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