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It will be, without a figment of doubt,
an utter disgrace
If what you mean to me, in words,
I try to trace
And yet words; for these are words indeed,
have been put down
Help me; for I know not what to say, or how,
help me invent a noun
posted: 30.5.05


While you wait for "suitable" help to arrive, here is something the dictionary threw up (not as in regurgitated, but as in offered)

Main Entry: complement
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: companion
Synonyms: accompaniment, addition, aggregate, augmentation, balance, capacity, completion, correlate, correlative, counterpart, enhancement, enrichment, entirety, filler, finishing touch, pendant, quota, remainder, rest, rounding-off, supplement, total, totality, wholeness

nice poem that undercuts its own writing!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30.5.05  

Neat! You brilliantly saved it from becoming cliched. Nicely put.

By Blogger thotpurge, at 30.5.05  

your lines reminds of a line from a song... "haath se chu ke ise rishton ka ilzaam na do"

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31.5.05  

An extremely witty poem Deepak, c'est a la Donne, of the Metaphysicals fame.

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 31.5.05  

Thanks everyone :)

By Blogger Deepak, at 7.6.05  

Well written. I liked the use of the word noun to write a poem around.

By Blogger . : A : ., at 9.6.05  

Gosh, been a while since I viewed your blog. Didn't realize you'd taken to poetry :-)

By Anonymous Nish, at 16.6.05  

Thanks A!

Well Nish, I have my "poetic" days :-). Am back to prose again.

By Blogger Deepak, at 18.6.05  

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