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On a rainy day
The rains in Bangalore have lived up to the mythological legend of it having poured heavily at the night of lord Kirshna’s birth. After a long gap I’ve again had to concern myself with trivial but nagging matters such as finding a place for drying my laundry. The downpour which had started last evening and kept pounding all night, brought with it this morning some unexpected guests to my bedroom’s balcony – a tiny flock of timorous, shivering crows – all soaked to their bones. They devoured the left over chapatti from yesterday’s dinner with a rapt keenness that one only reserves for a dainty. The squirrel (which inhabits my bedroom’s window and makes occasional forays to the balcony) was given almonds which it accepted gladly and vanished into the branches of a tree that brushes the balcony.

Its past 3:00 in the noon and the clouds still seem reluctant to part; though their vexations are lot reduced, and the intensity of the drizzle is such that you feel lazy about opening your umbrella. This is certainly not a dog’s day – most of the dogs I saw were wet, confounded and visibly sleepy. By now some of them had managed to locate a small private dry patch for their afternoon siesta – even if they had to tone down their territorial instincts a bit:

black and white

Written on Monday, 6 September, 3:30 PM
posted: 7.9.04


Lucky Dogs!

I wish I could just curl up and go to sleep...better still read a book. Wonderful weather we have been having in Bangalore the last few days.

By Blogger Manjusha, at 10.9.04  

:-), I concur!

Even I am envious of dogs at moments like these!

By Blogger Deepak, at 10.9.04  

Envious of them - curling up coz its the best way shield their shivering bodes against the onslaught of the cold breeze and rains? Well, cute they may appear but I felt sorry for those two mutts there...

On a diff note, the Handi breaking ceremony in Pune, oddly eough, takes palce late in the day. They start putting the handis up only in the eveg and the competitions take place till as late as midnight...was personally appalled at the obscene dancing of the boys under the handis - celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna like that? Ugh!!!

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 10.9.04  

Nah - envious because they get time to snooze the wonderful rainy day away.

And I've seen dogs curl up even when its warm and cozy - (it is pleasantly cold these - and definitely not cold enough to make one shiver) though here they are controting their bodies to accomodate themselves on the tiny slab - by no means a condition to be envious of!

By Blogger Deepak, at 10.9.04  

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