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Valse Du Petit Chien
Chopin’s Nocturnes have been my staple music for past few days. Chopin’s Funeral - his biography by Benita Eisler is the next book on my shelf that awaits reading (Which is once I am done finishing LOTR – yes LOTR at last! – I have vowed to address those unfortunate voids in my education but I digress here). While I think his Nocturnes his profoundest and most expressive works, his Piano Concertos, Waltzes, Preludes, Polonaises and Mazurkas are not any less worthy of hearing. It usually happens that a difficult or intense piece by a composer has a rather trifle anecdote behind it. One such piece is Chopin’s Op. 64, No. 1 Waltz which is often known by its nick – “Dog Waltz” or “Petit Chien”. The Valse du Petit Chien or the Waltz of the Small Dog was written by Chopin for his lover, George Sand’s dog. She had a little dog who would often go in circles chasing its tail. Once she frivolously remarked to Chopin that if she had Chopin’s talent she would write that poor creature a waltz and hence the “Dog Waltz” was composed.

When I recently saw this little pup straggling around merrily, I couldn’t resist smiling to myself (and clicking it!):

posted: 19.8.04


Les chiens - ils sont les meilleurs amis! :-) Have been befriending dogs in my society...going over to ppl's houses to meet their doggies and returning without having bothered to introduce myself or find out the owner's names. Must be getting quite a reputation thx to my doggy-socialisation! LOL!

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 20.8.04  

The dog has a collar. I just hope its owners wont come after you for publishing their dog's pic on the internet :-)


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25.8.04  

Oh my god, c'est une des meilleures valses que j'ai entendues, je suis toute jeune mais déjà j'en suis folle et je la joue à longueur de journée!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22.7.05  

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By Blogger Steve Austin, at 2.10.05  

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